Here, you will find not only tutorials for things ranging from traditional drawing, pixel art, digital art, photo-retouching, photomanipulation and many other things but also a small collection of resources to help you make the most of your artistic endeavours. Please be sure not to repost my tutorials on other sites without asking permission first, and certainly never without credit to me. However, please do feel free to share the link of this page with others so they can discover the tutorials as well.

Miscellaneous Guides
[ Comprehensive Bright Colour Hair Dye Guide - Now with added step-by-step instructions ]

Drawing Guides
[ How to Change Your Perspective and Attitude Towards Drawing ]

Photography and Photo-Editing Guides
[ Basic Saturation and Contrast for Photo-Editing ]
[ How to Retouch Skin Without Going Overboard ]

Photo-Manipulation Guides
[ How to Cut Out Digital Objects with the Pen Tool ]
[ How to Select and Cut Out Complicated Edges like Hair and Fur ]

Pixel Guides [ Lineart Tips ] [ Pillow Shading ] [ Hue Shifting Palettes ] [ Dithering ] [ Dos and Don'ts ]

[ Basic Dither Brush Set .ABR - Photoshop Compatible ]