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Digital Photography and Photo-Manipulation Blog
Welcome to my Digital Photography VSAR 2069 SP 5 2012 Blog. This is the place to see my favourite resources, inspirational artists and general progress with work in the course. All artworks displayed here are done so with permission of the original artist and with full, linked credit to their pages.


EliseEnchanted (screename), has not only been an inspiration for me for some time now, but has also become a friend and collaborator in digital photography and manipulation artworks. Elise creates a number of close up style shots, usually in a perfectly squared crop, something that I found I loved greatly about her style, thus why many of my own compositions now focus around a square theme. We also share a love for colourful subjects. Here is a small selection of my favourite photographs from her, most of which use varying degrees of editing techniques within Photoshop to achieve their finished look.

1. Over the Rainbow 2. Sorrow 3.Oracle 4. Keep Talking 5. Breathe of Life 6. Pink Glitter 7. Shining Star 8. Forest Fairy 9. Colour Me 10. Shimmer 11. Spell It Out 12. Glitter

Additionally, Elise is also developing her own style of photo-manipulation, some ideas of which I also find influence my own style, in particular, her use of black in eyes to give a spooky yet uniquely magical effect to her popular eye images.

If you would like to see how Elise does her popular eye edits and manipulations, here are two tutorials that show you some of the techniques she uses, however, these may require at least a basic or intermediate understanding of Photoshop in order to understand. Includes technqiues such as Dodge and Burn tool use, which can be destructive to your Photoshop workflow unless you make sure that you are doing so on a duplicated layer or using other non-destructive work processes.

General magical/fantasy eye effects, texture overlay, contrast, burn/dodge, colour enhancement.

Elise's unique black eye manipulation technique explained.

Light, retro style edit for warming images up a little.

Using a curve adjustment to change the colours of an image.

Uses some destructive methods like burn and dodge but gives a good walk through for general fantasy editing effects.

Lastly, Elise also provides some Photoshop Actions and Stock Image resources for use by photographers and photo-manipulators. Please visit the links to find the downloads and the terms of use.