Dither Brush Set 1
This is a small set of pixel brushes to aid in dithering, by making the sometimes repetitive process a little quicker and easier. These were made and tested in Photoshop CS4, and may or may not work in other versions/programs. These are specifically for use with the pencil tool, to use, dowload using the link below so that the brush set is saved somewhere on your computer. All files from this site download as compressed .zip files so you will need to use a zip program to unzip them once downloaded.

Find the .ABR file you just saved and double click it, Photoshop should open and install them instantly, but if not, try going to the brushes panel in the upper left corner and use the tiny arrow pointing right to find the option for "load brushes" (then select the set from where you saved them). Be sure to use these at the size they are made in, otherwise pixelling results may become smudged and no longer clean and crisp.