About Me
Who is ClefairyKid? I'm a young Australian artist, reader, avid gamer and occasional crafter. As you can see already, colours are my thing, I love rainbows, bright lights, fireworks and glow in the dark stuff. I prefer a quiet life in the country and can't stand the cold or rain. I'm most commonly known as the girl with the blue hair and blue eyes.

My favourite game series include Animal Crossing, Spyro (the older ones mainly), The Sims, Pokemon and Harvest Moon/RuneFactory. I play games from all platforms and across a number of genres, both console and PC (excluding XBOX). At some point, I'd like to write guides and/or reviews for games.

Reading wise, I've read an incredible amount and variety of things, from my favourite historical and biographical novels to fantasy and sci-fi stories and even War and Peace. I used to write a lot when I was younger and really hoped to publish at least one book in my life, but after moving to a new school suddenly found my direction changed from written to visual art. But that's not to say I've given up on it, I guess now I hope to have the skills to both write and illustrate when it comes to that time.

I study at university in my third year. I enjoy studying even though most don't. I hope to have the opportunity to return there at least once more to study things that are more my passion, like art or writing, but for now I'm aiming to get stable in life and settled in a nice place of my own eventually.

I can end up pretty busy sometimes so if you're awaiting a response by email, please bare with me, I will get there in the end!